The N.A.S. Group /  Next All Security Group is a professional military company that operates from offices in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle-East.

Well trained OPS who served clients and multinationals worldwide with divisions Maritime* Close Protection* High Risk Solutions* AT-Teams.

With the right investor, we can expand our services and keep this our world SAFER together.



A1 Prometheus maritime security is fully insured and licensed for on- ship armed security performance.

Our security teams will defend your ship, crew and freight from being hijacked by pirates and retained for several months. This saves the client a significant amount of money.

The vessel can take direct routes to destination instead of longer routes to avoid dangerous international areas.

Your insurance premiums will decrease significantly.

A1 Prometheus is capable of placing security teams world wide for multinationals, companies  and private clients within a short time frame.

Our security guards are former Marines, Marine-Commando's and other Special Forces men. They have proven

operational experience in using defensive and offensive techniques in hostile environments and have the knowledge of ship security, vessel structures and navigation lighting.

We abide the law and regulations in the country we work in, supported by a team of lawyers with international experience. The N.A.S.Group is the extended level of A1 Prometheus and we will perform the mission as expected. 



Jeffrey  Roy  ten Cate


N.A.S. Group &  former A1 Prometheus

e: jefftencate700@gmail.com